Spelling Bee Assistant

Spelling Bee Assistant is an add-on for Spelling Bee, the New York Times’ popular word puzzle. It’s packed with features that will boost your playing experience.

Follow your progress, see what lies ahead of you and if you want to, get a hint or two. Eventually, when you run out of ideas, reveal today’s answers - no more waiting until the next day!

Spelling Bee Assistant is a great improvement for this excellent game and it won’t spoil the fun. Promised!

Spelling Bee Assistant


By installing this software you agree to the terms of the GNU General Public License v3.0.

Feature Overview

System requirements

Spelling Bee Assistant requires a modern web browser. The extension works in the Kiwi browser under Android. According to user reports, the bookmarklet can be used on Safari on iPhones/iPads instead.

Browser/OS combinations that are known to be working

Note: Browsers/OS refer to recent versions

Browser Windows MacOS Ubuntu Android iOS
Blink ¹|² Extension Bookmarklet Extension Bookmarklet Extension Bookmarklet Extension ² ?
WebKit ³| n/a Bookmarklet ³ Bookmarklet n/a Bookmarklet ³|
  1. Chrome, Edge, Brave, Vivaldi…
  2. Kiwi
  3. Safari
  4. Gnome Web
  5. based on user report
Browser extension | Bookmarklet

Installing the extension on Kiwi (Android only)

  1. Install Kiwi from the Google Play Store
  2. Open it and visit Spelling Bee Assistant’s Chrome Store page
  3. Click on Add to Chrome
  4. Click on OK on the message that appears

Kiwi will likely display an error message upon installation, but - at least in my experience - it will work regardless.

Installing the bookmarklet on mobile devices

This task is a bit complex but feasible. Google links to several similar tutorials. I tried some on Android and they worked just fine. These tutorials commonly involve copying the code of the bookmarklet:


The above options aren’t working for me

If you can’t use Spelling Bee Assistant, for instance, because you play on the NYT app or any other environment it won’t run on, I suggest using W. Shunn’s excellent site instead.

Doesn’t it spoil the game?

I try to keep Spelling Bee Assistant as subtle and unobstrusive as possible. Judging from user feedback as well my own experience, this concept works out just fine.

The challenge stays the same and so does the fun. But now you have a set of little helpers at hand when you’re stuck in a corner.

What is a bookmarklet?

Regular bookmarks along with the Spelling Bee Assistant

Bookmarklets are small pieces of code that can enhance the functionality of a website. They reside, just like regular bookmarks, in your browser’s bookmark menu. Unfortunately, there is no straightforward way to assign an icon to them.

I discovered a bug | I’d like to give feedback

You can report bugs or request features at GitHub. Keep in mind that this is a fun weekend project and I don’t want it to be a burden. I might work on issues from time to time, but I can’t make any promises.

You can also find me at r/NYTSpellingBee where I regularly post the latest updates under the handle spellingBeeAssistant.

Is the NYT behind this or are you affiliated with the NYT?

No, no affiliation whatsover. They know that Spelling Bee Assistant exists and rumor has it that some of them are even users...

Your privacy

This website does not employ any technology to collect personally identifiable information about its visitors. Both the site and the associated bookmarklet are hosted on GitHub Pages. For details on the data GitHub Pages collects, please consult their privacy policy. Regardless, I have no access to the data collected by GitHub.

Regarding the browser extension associated with this site: When installing the extension from a browser add-on store, you might see a message stating, "This extension can read and change your data on www.nytimes.com [...]", or something similar. Such messages can understandably lead to privacy concerns. However, the extension is designed solely to read data from the Spelling Bee game; it does not access, modify, or submit any personal information.

Although most add-on stores offer download statistics, these are typically aggregated by country and do not include any personally identifiable information.

Spelling Bee Assistant on GitHub